Big Penis Size Guaranteed

Our junk folder is usually filled with spam claiming a big penis size. A big penis is the most sought out thing by men in today’s world. Male enhancement products are actually the most searched up keywords on the internet.

What men don’t realise during this frantic search is that most of the time even men with an average size they think they lack on something. It is important that you should be sure about your size. There is no need to put yourself in trouble when you don’t require such effort.

However if you really suffer from a small penis size and wish to gain more confidence below are the most sought out methods for improving your penis size.

  1. Go natural

Many studies believe that by adopting a healthy and all natural life style we are able to improve our sexual performance. This includes eating healthy and organic food. A well balanced diet means you are gaining all the required vitamins and nutrients for healthy body.

Sometimes men who do not eat well do not get a good erection. Certain foods such onion, garlic, eggs and nuts are known to help out in gaining a strong erection. You should also make it a point to eat healthy.

In addition get rid of bad habits. These include excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking. Both of these habits restrict the blood flow in your vessels. This means your penis will receive less blood resulting in a weak erection.

Once you have adopted a healthy eating schedule it is now time to work out. Pumping up the energy is essential for a string heart. Your heart is able to blood pump effectively only if it is in a good state. Exercise is essential for a string heart. You may take up any cardio vascular exercise including jogging, swimming, cycling and so on.

Exercise helps regulate blood pressure and also prepares you to combat all types of stress. Make it a habit to exercise at least 20 minutes a day. You will observe over the months that exercise will not help you with your blood circulation but will also increase your stamina as well.

In addition to general exercise you may also want to go for specific penis exercises. These basically involve stretching the penis so that the chambers of the penis increase to accommodate more blood inside them. Penis exercise can also be done by adding some weights on the penis but simple exercises are quite effective too.

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  1. Vacuum pump

This is a great device designed to help out people with erectile dysfunction. However many people are now using it to increase their penis size. The device is pretty expensive but the best thing about it is that it guarantees you results.

The device comprises of a cylinder shaped tube with a pump attached to it. The penis is to be placed inside the pump. The pump will suck out the air to create a vacuum in the cylinder. This vacuum is able to pull all the blood in to the penis causing it to become erect. There is also a ring attached to the cylinder which is used to maintain the air flow in the cylinder. The ring is usually moved with the help of a lubricant. If used otherwise it may cause much distress.

The penis is to be kept in the cylinder for at least twenty to thirty minutes for maximum results. However you should never exceed the prescribed time as it may cause damage to the penile tissues.

The vacuum pump is not known to have many side effects. You may observe the penis colour to be purple or the ring may leave black mark on the shaft. No other side effects have been reported otherwise. One thing users must realise is that the erection gained from this pump will not be identical to the one you gain naturally. However it happens to help people with erectile dysfunction substantially.

  1. Surgery

Many men are simple undergoing surgery to get a better penis. The most common type of surgery involves increasing the length of the penis. This surgery involves cutting the ligament connecting the penis to the pelvic bone.  This helps increase the size of the penis. in reality length is not being added to the penis but it is more of revealing what was hidden before.

The other most sought out surgery is the thickening of the penis. This is for men who think their width is not enough to provide sexual pleasure. The thickening procedures include placing silicone or other tissue grafts.

Surgery is not a recommended procedure as it involved you putting the most sensitive part of your body under the knife. In addition only a few people can afford undergoing surgery.