7 food items all nutritionists are against and so should you!

Eating is a part of our daily life and while food provides us with energy and adequate vitamins and minerals, some foods however can be equally damaging for our overall health.

While there are tall claims about foods being beneficial for us in one way or the other, the sad truth is that all of them are marketing gimmicks. While it is getting awfully confusing which foods are healthy and which ones are not, the point is that basically all food items which are processed should be avoided at all costs.

With that said, there are also a few food items which we consume on regular basis without knowing the complete truth about them.
If you were to visit a nutritionist, he/she would have given you a list of 100 plus food items which are harming us in and out on daily basis. Want to know what they are?
Take a look below!

Fruit Juices

Fruit juices which are available widely in grocery shops and common supermarkets are highly unhealthy. While they are packed with real and artificial sugar, they have very less to offer in terms of vitamins and minerals. Yes, while they are good for keeping us hydrated, trust us, there is nothing more to them than this!
These fruit juices such as apple juice, orange juice or mango juice have zero or insignificant amount of real pulp, very little fiber and definitely the least amount of vitamins and minerals.
A healthy alternative is to eat fruits raw so that you can benefit from original pulp, chew fiber and gain all the vitamins and essential nutrients naturally.

Sugary Sodas

Whereas most of us are already aware of the fact that sugary drinks such as sodas, energy drinks, juices and other fizzy drinks are harmful, nonetheless we keep consuming them for the sake of fun.
While you need to put a halt to drinking these babies, you also need to stop storing them in your refrigerator.
Did you know that one can of Coca Cola is made out of 39grams of sugar? With so much sugar and other added preservatives and artificial ingredients,  you are not only harming your liver and kidneys but are also becoming prone to type 2 diabetes!
Stop drinking soda drinks and choose to drink water instead.


Margarine is widely used at homes as a breakfast go to and while it used to be regarded as being healthy once back in the day, sadly, it is the opposite.
Margarine is not only unhealthier in comparison to normal butter but since it is made up of industrial vegetable oil which is hydrogenated to keep it in its solid form, it is extremely unhealthy for daily consumption. Margarine is also a blend of other unnatural ingredients and has very little to offer in terms of vitamins, minerals, energy, etc.

Gluten Free Foods

The new notion about healthy foods is adopting ‘gluten free foods’ as they are healthier and better. Nonetheless, it is untrue.
Gluten free products are basically a blend of potato starch, tapioca starch and other forms of starch. Unlike its counterpart, the non gluten free products which have the gluten grain as the name says it, it is stated by the nutritionists that both the foods are equally harmful.

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Most Cookies, Pastries and Cakes

It is perfect to enjoy a homemade cake once in a while but it is not alright to consume bakery made cakes and pastries on daily basis. While these baked items are full of sugar, wheat flour and other unhealthy ingredients, they only promote fat!

If you suffer from obesity or need to lose weight, stop eating these baked items as they are nothing but a form of refined sugar.

Fried Potato Chips or Packed Crisps

Whole potatoes are healthy to consume in the form of a salad or a side meal but it is not healthy to consume potatoes when they are fried or processed. The fried potatoes, known as chips contain acrylamides and other carcinogenic substances which are harmful for a human body.

Moreover, the processed version of potatoes are equally harmful as they are full of trans fat, no to zero minerals and vitamins and are not nutritious.

Processed Meat Items

We all love sausages and bacon as a part of our mighty breakfast but honestly, these processed meat products are harmful for our body. If you want to consume meat, try to consume it in its natural form.
The processed meat foods are not only full of preservatives but they are high in calories and they have very little to offer in terms of energy and nutrition. They can promote heart diseases and type 2 diabetes if consumed at a higher count. Dbal

It is better to make healthy food choices on regular basis to avoid diseases completely.