Big Penis Size Guaranteed

Our junk folder is usually filled with spam claiming a big penis size. A big penis is the most sought out thing by men in today’s world. Male enhancement products are actually the most searched up keywords on the internet.

What men don’t realise during this frantic search is that most of the time even men with an average size they think they lack on something. It is important that you should be sure about your size. There is no need to put yourself in trouble when you don’t require such effort.

However if you really suffer from a small penis size and wish to gain more confidence below are the most sought out methods for improving your penis size.

  1. Go natural

Many studies believe that by adopting a healthy and all natural life style we are able to improve our sexual performance. This includes eating healthy and organic food. A well balanced diet means you are gaining all the required vitamins and nutrients for healthy body.

Sometimes men who do not eat well do not get a good erection. Certain foods such onion, garlic, eggs and nuts are known to help out in gaining a strong erection. You should also make it a point to eat healthy.

In addition get rid of bad habits. These include excessive consumption of alcohol and smoking. Both of these habits restrict the blood flow in your vessels. This means your penis will receive less blood resulting in a weak erection.

Once you have adopted a healthy eating schedule it is now time to work out. Pumping up the energy is essential for a string heart. Your heart is able to blood pump effectively only if it is in a good state. Exercise is essential for a string heart. You may take up any cardio vascular exercise including jogging, swimming, cycling and so on.

Exercise helps regulate blood pressure and also prepares you to combat all types of stress. Make it a habit to exercise at least 20 minutes a day. You will observe over the months that exercise will not help you with your blood circulation but will also increase your stamina as well.

In addition to general exercise you may also want to go for specific penis exercises. These basically involve stretching the penis so that the chambers of the penis increase to accommodate more blood inside them. Penis exercise can also be done by adding some weights on the penis but simple exercises are quite effective too.

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  1. Vacuum pump

This is a great device designed to help out people with erectile dysfunction. However many people are now using it to increase their penis size. The device is pretty expensive but the best thing about it is that it guarantees you results.

The device comprises of a cylinder shaped tube with a pump attached to it. The penis is to be placed inside the pump. The pump will suck out the air to create a vacuum in the cylinder. This vacuum is able to pull all the blood in to the penis causing it to become erect. There is also a ring attached to the cylinder which is used to maintain the air flow in the cylinder. The ring is usually moved with the help of a lubricant. If used otherwise it may cause much distress.

The penis is to be kept in the cylinder for at least twenty to thirty minutes for maximum results. However you should never exceed the prescribed time as it may cause damage to the penile tissues.

The vacuum pump is not known to have many side effects. You may observe the penis colour to be purple or the ring may leave black mark on the shaft. No other side effects have been reported otherwise. One thing users must realise is that the erection gained from this pump will not be identical to the one you gain naturally. However it happens to help people with erectile dysfunction substantially.

  1. Surgery

Many men are simple undergoing surgery to get a better penis. The most common type of surgery involves increasing the length of the penis. This surgery involves cutting the ligament connecting the penis to the pelvic bone.  This helps increase the size of the penis. in reality length is not being added to the penis but it is more of revealing what was hidden before.

The other most sought out surgery is the thickening of the penis. This is for men who think their width is not enough to provide sexual pleasure. The thickening procedures include placing silicone or other tissue grafts.

Surgery is not a recommended procedure as it involved you putting the most sensitive part of your body under the knife. In addition only a few people can afford undergoing surgery.


Look prettier with a better figure

They say mankind has been created equally but still people are discriminated on the basis of their cast, creed and color. With media getting so strong by each passing day, it has influenced and changed how people think.

Idolizing celebrities with “zero” size and looking up to them for health tips is what people are doing these days. These celebrities are the reason why mostly ladies have started hating how to look and guys try to find ladies just like them. Ladies are going for surgeries just to increase their boob size so they could look as good as Kim Kardishian or Anna Nicole.

Breast enhancement is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience to get a body that people will compliment on. From surgeries to creams, there are so many techniques available out there those ladies are willing to adopt for increasing their cup size. Here are a few methods rather changes that you bring in your life style will help you in enhancing breasts naturally:

  • Eating right

Because of the busy schedules and hectic routines, people prefer having junk food or frozen items just because those are convenient. Little do ladies realize these foods manipulate your hormonal balance and cause side effects like growth of facial hairs, dull skin and even make you gain weight?

By including fruits and veggies in your routine meals, you can easily improve your breast’s size. How? There are many fruits that contain natural minerals which help in increasing the production of sex hormones n your body and so lead to a growth spurt in the cells of your boobs. This leads to breasts enhancement naturally.

  • Working out is important too

Along with a healthy diet working out is important too. Exercising not only helps in releasing stress but improves the circulation of blood in your body. The better the circulation is the more blood will reach to the cells and tissues of the breasts and hence help them in growing. Working out also helps in improving the production of sex hormones that not only assist in enlarging the breasts but also improves your sex drive.

  • Wearing clothes of your size

If you wrap a scarf tightly around your neck, you will suffocate right? Similarly wearing clothes especially a tight bra can prove to be a hindrance in the growth of your boobs. Just like you, your boobs need space to breathe and expand. Wearing clothes that are too tight can cut off the blood circulation to the breasts which may lead to stagnant growth. On the other hand if you wear lose clothes your breasts can become saggy so if you want to get bigger and contoured boobs, wear the clothes that fit your perfectly.

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  • Oils, pills and creams

With such advancement in technology, getting a body of your dreams does not remain difficult. Experts and companies are working together to come up with natural formulas which can help ladies with smaller boobs to increase them in size. There are many over the counter pill, creams and even oils available that promise to help you in breast enhancement. Most products claim to be made up of natural ingredients and have fewer side effects upon usage. Creams are a safer option than taking something orally because they work on the outside and may not disturb the balance of your hormones which can be caused by taking artificial supplements.

  • Breast enhancement surgery

Ladies who are desperate to increase their breasts size may not hesitate in opting for surgical methods as well. Such women might spend up thousands of dollars on expensive procedures like these just in order to get quicker results. Breast enhancement surgeries include placing saline pads under the breasts by surgery which gives your boobs bigger and fuller look.

Breast augmentation may be safe to some extent with fewer side effects but for best results always consult an experienced surgeon because one small mistake can ruin your entire figure.

  • Massages for breast enhancement

Massage is a popular method of improving blood circulation throughout the body. while people go for it to get themselves relaxed, ladies can massage their boobs to enhance them. By massaging it with the right breast enhancement products, a woman may improve the flow of blood and oxygen to the breasts which will in turn help the cells in expanding and growing faster.

  • Conclusion

If your are amongst those ladies who feel ashamed of their bodies than bringing just a few changes in your life style can help you in enlarging breasts. Eating right and massaging may help you in achieving the size that you want to and that too without any harmful medicines or pills. Rather than spending money on expensive procedures, try to change your habits and you will definitely be able to see a difference.


Breast Enhancement: Herbs that help

Miracles do happen but when it comes to changing something about your body, you do need to out in efforts. Being a lady is all about having a perfect figure. Large breasts, small waist and a fairly big booty are what every women dream to have. Being able to attract men with their curvaceous bodies and wearing deep necks to show cleavage, perfect boobs can do the magic for you.

Ladies are known for their breasts; rather this is one of the things that distinguish men and women from each other. Feminism is all about getting in touch with your feminist side and being happy with your body. Large breasts are what make a woman really a “woman” and for man having a lady with a considerable size is a plus point. With bigger boobs sex can be fun of course. Guys get huge space to play and fondle those hanging melons which drives them crazy.

But what about ladies who feel embarrassed of themselves? With the body they have and their small boobs? These women have a disturbed sex life and are unhappy with the body that has been gifted wit. But rather than spending their entire time hating one’s self or feeling sorry, they should gather their energy and put in efforts to get a desirable body.

  • Eating your way towards breast enhancement

It may sound weird but there are many foods available out there that help in enhancing breasts. Rather than choosing artificial techniques of breast enhancement, go for natural remedies that have no side effects and promise to help you in enhancing your boobs. You might have heard of certain fruits that contain natural elements which increase breast size but never would you have heard about herbs for such purpose.

It may sound crazy but herbs that usually you add in your food can play an important role in breast enhancement. Especially the herbs used in Asian cuisines have been proved scientifically to have properties that aid in breast enhancement, a natural way of getting bigger and fuller boobs of course. Here is the list of the few herbs that can do the magic for you:

  1. Fenugreek seeds

One of the most used spices in Indian foods, fenugreek seeds are beneficial to treat sore throat, reduce cholesterol and control diabetes. It is not only contains health benefits but also a great herbs for breast enhancement. These seeds act like female growth hormone estrogen and increase the production of prolactin that helps your boobs to grow in size naturally. Take it in raw form or buy capsules from the market, these seeds are a natural way for enlarging your boobs and so can be consumed without any harm.

  1. Saw Palmetto

A common herb found in every kitchen, saw palmetto is used widely in making medicines that are known to treat infections. How does it affect your boobs? It blocks the production of certain enzymes in your body and increases the levels of estrogen which work on your breasts to make them fuller and bigger. This herb is safe to be used on daily basis and for better results, take it as it is with water.

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  1. Fennel seeds

A big part of Indian cuisines, fennel seeds not only have great flavor, smell and taste but contains many health benefits as well. These are packed with minerals including vitamin, calcium and magnesium which is necessary for your body to carry out its functions properly. As for aiding in breast enhancement, fennel seeds contain flavonoids that work as estrogen. It not only helps in increasing breast milk but work on your boobs to increase them in size. Chew on a handful of these seeds everyday and see the miracle happening.

  1. Red clover

Taking its place in the list of breast enhancement herbs, red clover is definitely one useful item. It contains isoflavones which too acts like estrogen. It tricks the brain into taking it as estrogen and works on the receptors of the breasts to aid in enlargement. Because it is a natural product, it is totally safe to use and can be consumed on daily basis for quicker results.

  1. Black Cohosh

Mostly found in northern region of America, this small white flower is used as a herb and can has many health benefits. Apart for being great for post menopause symptoms, it can increase the level of estrogen in the body and successfully help ladies in improving their cup size naturally.

  • Conclusion

People always roam around from places to places for treatments that could help them in getting a desirable body. But little do ladies know that their kitchen is full of herbs that can help them in getting fuller and bigger boobs naturally and that too just by sitting at home. Give these herbs a try and you will definitely be successfully in reaching your desired cup size.


The best pills for a quick weight loss

Almost half of the world’s population especially the youth is a victim of obesity all thanks to the fast food companies who encourage them to adopt unhealthy eating habits. Obesity is definitely raising at an alarming rate amongst the individual through put the world making the millennial lazy, lethargic and dull. There are many men and women who want to lose weight but always struggle with the weight loss process. For them exercises and dieting never works and this is why they opt for life threatening surgeries.

Rather than going for these expensive surgical methods, people should try over the counter supplement and pills that promise to help them in losing weight. With such advancement in technology where new discoveries are been made in the field of medicine, how can you not trust pills for weight loss?

  • Weight loss pills and supplements

There are many popular company names in this industry that have successfully been able to come up with formulas to help individuals in getting rid of the extra fats. But how do these pills actually work? Various companies have promised to create formulas with carefully extracted ingredients that have no or few side effects.

There are many supplements available in the markets that are made from natural extracts that aim on burning the fatty deposits in your body. These pills target your metabolic rate and speeds it up so that you can burn more calories in less time. Also with these pills, the person feels less hungry as they suppress appetite and so you are forced to eat less. With less caloric intake and high metabolic rate, a person is able to reduce weight quickly.

  • Some popular pills for weight loss

The market is packed with a variety of weight loss supplements but of course not all brands can be trusted when it comes down to your health. Here is a list of the best weight loss pills that have helped many people in reducing the extra fats without side effects:

  1. Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Extracted from fresh fruits, this supplement contains Hydroxycitric acid which is believed to help in releasing of serotonin, a hormone in human body. This higher level of this hormone suppresses hunger and assists in burning fats quickly so that you may lose weight faster. Because it has been created from natural ingredients, no side effects have been reported yet.


  1. Hydroxycut

Hyrdoxycut has been popular among the masses since a long time for weight loss. It is made of extracts from fruits and contains caffeine which helps people in controlling their craving, feeling full and burning more fats. Individuals who are not used to having caffeine may feel a few side effects including jitteriness, anxiety and even diarrhea which go away in a few days as the body adjusts itself to the change.

  1. Caffeine

Everyone is pretty much aware of caffeine. Dark chocolate and coffee are few of the things that are rich source of it. This ingredient is gaining popularity because of its weight loss properties. Caffeine has been observed to suppress hunger and speed up the metabolism so that with fewer intake of calories are person is able to burn more fats as well. This is why many companies around the world are adding this ingredient to their weight loss pill’s formula to help people in getting rid of the fats flab in no time at all.

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  1. Orilstat (Alli)

This one is recommended to be taken along low-fat diet for better results. Orilstat makes the person feel less hungry because it inhibits the breakdown of fats in the body. The lesser a person will eat the more weight they will lose of course. Apart from loose stools and nausea as side effects, this supplement has been observed to control high blood pressure as well. So once you start taking it along with your diet and work outs to reduce weight, you may end up controlling other ailments as well.

  1. Raspberry Ketones

Extracted from fresh raspberries, this supplement is effective in losing weight. The intake of these pills, ensure the quick break down of fats in your body by increasing the production of hormones that assist in weight loss. Because it is made from 1005 natural ingredients, it contains no side effects.

  • The final verdict

If you want to achieve your target weight loss goal faster, than try these supplements along with your exercises and diet. If you have difficulty in controlling your hunger and craving than these pills can be really beneficial for you while trying hard to lose weight. But before going for any product, always read the ingredients on the pack or consult your doctor. If you develop side effects, stop the intake immediately. Make weight loss easyt and quick with the right changes and usage of products.

Starting the weight loss journey

Standing up on the weighing scale and getting a mini heart attack just because you weight as much as a buffalo? Think about all the junk food, sugary items, fizzy drinks and lack of activity which lead to this. You never realized that your bad eating habits could lead to such a disastrous result.

With so many fast food chains around serving deep fired and delicious food, it is difficult to stop one’s self from not having a bite. But only one bite can turn into a long term unhealthy eating habit that will ultimately lead to obesity. This is the biggest reason why majority of the people these days especially the youth fall on the higher side of their BMI scale.

Having weight than what your body can handle is not only unhealthy but also dangerous. Obesity is the major cause of problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes. Ask yourself is having such sugary and fried food worth risking your life? The answer will be definitely a no but of course less people come on the course of losing weight. So how can you get rid of all the extra fats? Here are a few ways that might help you with it:

  • Stay strong and determined

Either it comes down to losing weight or finding a good job for yourself, you can never achieve your goal unless and until you make up your mind and stay determined. You need to realize that tomorrow never comes, it is now or never. If you want to start your weight loss journey promise yourself to start it now and stand strong with your decision.

  • Replace all the junk food with healthy items

Once you have made up your mind the next step is to throw out all the junk food from your house. Pull out the fizzy drinks and packets of chip from your fridge and every corner of your house, put them in a big bag and just throw away. When you won’t have such things in your house, you won’t be tempted to have them. But what about you’re your snacking and munching habit to satisfy your untimely hunger? Well simply grab some fruits or munch on a few nuts. Not only will these satisfy your craving but fill your body with the right nutrients.

  • Eating right is the key

Rather than going out or ordering junk food, try out some healthy recipes. Include fruits, vegetables and dairy in your diet so that you can lose weight in a healthy way. Do not ever opt for fad diets in fact eat everything in the right proportion so that you can lose weight and yet stay active. there are many foods that help in speeding up your metabolism so that in less time you are able to burn more fats.

  • Learn some moves

Well dance, meditate or try out yoga, the basic idea behind losing weight is to keep moving. If you prefer working out in the gym than nothing can be better than that. Sweat as much as you can because the more you sweat, the more calories you will burn and reduce weight quickly.

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  • Try detox drinks

With all this junk food stored in your body you are definitely not only gaining weight but also inviting serious ailments to attack. If you want to detoxify your body to help with the weight loss process than grab a glass of lemon juice mixed with cucumber and water and gulp it down. Detox drinks are a great way to quench your thirst in summers and lose weight with yummy drinks.

  • Give supplements a shot too

There are many Slimming pills, creams and supplements available in the market that promise to help you in reducing weight. How? These pills are made up of carefully combine d ingredients that work on suppressing your hunger and speeding up your metabolism. The less you will eat the more fat blocks your body will burn to fulfill its energy quota and hence your pounds on the scale will drop more quickly. But before going for such herbal or artificial medicines it is always a good idea to either consult a doctor or search the internet for review.

  • Conclusion

Losing weight is of course not easy. You need to be motivated in order to stay away from things you love and only those will strong will power can go for it. Eating right combine with physical activity is the fastest weight to shed the extra kilos. Once you are able to lose weight successful, you will feel a positive change in yourself. Not only will you feel lighter and healthier but also more fresh, energetic and active. so promise yourself to become fit and start your weight loss journey now.


Making weight loss easy and quick

Losing weight is just not something that you can achieve in a few days. To reduce weight in a healthy manner requires months of dedicated hard work, exercise and calories control. If you think that you can reach your goal in just ten days than you are mistaken.

There are many pills, sauna belts and even diet plans that promise people to speed up their weight loss process and help them in reaching their desired results in just a few days. But of course such methods do have their side effects.

  • Lose weight slowly and gradually

Starving yourself and exercising like a mad person can send your body into shock. In an attempt to lose weight quickly you might fall sick. Just like you need time to adjust to changes around you, similarly your body too needs its part of the time to get used to the low calorie count and strenuous exercises.

To make your weight loss journey healthy it is important to go slow. Give your body some time to adjust to the changes that you have bought in your lifestyle. Start with leaving sugar and starchy foods and slowly get down to replacing every junk food with a healthy option. Apply the same formula for working out too because once you start exercising, your muscles will become stiff and will need their time to get used to all the heavy weight lifting and physical activity.

Taking everything slowly gives your body and brain to make changes in itself according to the outside environment. With low caloric intake the body will start burning the fatty deposits to keep the body energetic so that you neither become lethargic nor fall ill.

  • What changes should you bring

Weight loss is all about making healthy choices when it comes down to having your meals. Avoiding junk, sugary and starchy food completely can help you in shedding a lot of kilos without many efforts but of course it will take some time. to speed up your weight reduction process go for fruits and vegetables that have been proved to cut down fats.

Replace your evening munching of chips with a handful of nuts and cook your meals in extra virgin olive oil to reduce the calories you take in. small changes in your eating habit will not only help in weight loss but also boost your energy so that you can stay active and fresh for longer.

  • Staying active is important

Eating and lying around on the couch in front of the TV is one of the biggest reasons of weight gain. People who have zero physical activity not only gain weight to an alarming point but fall for ailments that take months to be treated. High cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart diseases have become common just because people have become too lazy to even get up and have a glass of water.

If you want to lose weight or even maintain it, it is important to stay active. no need to hit the gym if you don’t have the time, just bring a few changes in your routine and you’ll be able to see a vast difference in yourself. Choose stairs instead of a lift when you can, walk to your office (if it is nearby) rather than driving your car and plan evening family visits to the park on weekends so that not only do you spent some quality time with your family but also walk around to stay active.

Some changes in your life style may not only help you in reaching your weight loss goal quickly but also make you feel fresh, fitter and energetic.

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  • Avoid unnatural weight loss products

Even if you are tempted to use them, try to avoid pills, creams or any other artificial method of weight loss because they may have side effects. No matter how magical such products look, never ever use anything to for losing weight especially when something needs to be taken orally. Many pills contain artificial ingredients like steroids to speed up your metabolism so that your body burns fat faster. These steroids if taken for a longer duration may end up messing around with the hormonal balance and you may end developing some serious side effects. Still if you are motivated to give such products a shot, consult a doctor for better guidance.

  • Conclusion

Weight loss does not necessarily mean taking pills, using sauna belts or even starving yourself. With just a few changes in your eating habits and life style you can easily achieve your weight loss goal and lead a much happier, healthier and active life. getting rid of all the extra kilos will give you confidence and save you from falling for serious ailments that may shorten your life span.

So work hard and stay motivated if you successfully want to achieve your healthy celebrity weight loss.


Losing weight: Methods for weight reduction

As people are advancing in the field of research and technology, things are becoming easier yet difficult too. On one hand if scientists are successfully coming up with cures to treat cancer, the pollution caused by cars and industries are making more people fall for this deadly disease.

Similarly with so many ways, techniques and methods of losing weight being discovered, thanks to the fast food companies, people are gaining more weight rather than moving towards a healthier life style. Junk food is the biggest reason why the youth is becoming obese and lazy too.

Filling your body with only fats, calories and sugar is very unhealthy. You lose your stamina and strength to carry out even the smallest of tasks. Not only this but think about the embarrassment that you have to go through just because you cannot wear clothes that people of your age usually wear. It is time that you realize that weight loss is just not about wearing what you like, by having a slimmer body not only will you be able to regain your self confidence but also lead a healthier and longer life.

  • Lose weight at home

Well if you’re a potato couch and hate moving, going to the gym will definitely be out of question. But if you want to get a body like the celebrities that inspire you ten buck up yourself, tighten your belt and be ready to start your weight loss journey. As for people who do not like going outside, here are a few tips that can help them in losing weight by staying at home:

  1. Cut down sugar and eat healthy– Just by cutting down junk food and replacing it fruits and vegetables you can lose a lot of weight. Try to control your craving and see the wonders it can do to your body.
  2. Jumping jacks- As soon as you get up from the back in the morning stand up on the floor and start jumping up and down. Do it for a few minutes and this will give you a kick start for the day. A great warm to do at home before starting exercise.
  3. Climbing stairs- Don’t feel like doing any exercise? Just go up and down the stairs few times in a day and within a week you’ll be able to see a change on the weighing scale.
  4. Dance- When it comes down to keeping your body moving, nothing can be better than some serious dance moves. If you want to start your weight loss journey in a healthy way, put on your shoes, play some music and go wild with your moves.

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  • Lose weight by enjoying the fresh air

There are people who find going outside and exercising much more comfortable. Enjoying the fresh morning air is not only good for your health but helps in stimulating your nerves, release stress and feel more active. Here are a few exercises that you can do outside your home’s premises:

  1. Cycling- Grab your cycle, call up a friend and cycle your way through the empty streets in the morning. It is a great way to involve your entire body in the weight reduction process.
  2. Walking or jogging– Wear your sneakers and go out for a walk. While enjoying the cold breeze and chirping of the birds, you will be able to cut down a few calories as well.
  3. Swimming- The fun way of proceeding with your weight loss is of course swimming. It is the best exercise to keep simultaneously work out all your muscle. Not only will it help in losing weight but also enhance your strength and stamina.
  4. Gym- Well if you have a partner with you in the weight loss journey, gym can become fun too. Doing exercises under trained experts is one of the finest ways to lose weight and that too in a healthy manner.
  5. Zumba- Enroll yourself in this Latin dance class, follow the steps of your instructor and lose weight in the most enjoyable manner.

Keep yourself motivated and try to enjoy the nature’s wonderful blessing around while you work your way towards achieving your target weight.

  • Conclusion

For losing weight you first need be head strong because achieving your targeted weight might not be so easy. Choose the methods of weight loss that best suit your life style and try to put in efforts to speed up the process. Think of all the health benefits you will gain by getting rid of the extra kilos and the strength such work out routines will give. Having a toned body with stronger muscles saves you from falling to illnesses and helps you in leading a healthy and happy life. Prolong your life by shedding the extra fat flab and gain back your confidence.


How can Smart Drugs help me improve my daily life?

Smart drugs or Nootropics, as they are normally called, have taken over the mantle of improving one’s cognitive abilities. We all know that in order to achieve success in life, you need to be focused and persistent and your brain game should be at the top!

Unfortunately, for some people that is not the case. Every individual is different and unique in his/her own way and even for those, who have an extra sharp mind, sometimes a little help is needed. This is where the smart drugs step in! They are well-known to improve focus, concentration, improve memory and even improve brain health!

A recent trend has been an increase in the use of smart drugs by students to improve their educational performance. It is not just students, who use smart drugs, but elderly have also started using smart drugs to improve their ability to recall and retrieve information! However, keep in mind that smart drugs are drugs and you can not wholly depend on them to improve your life. Keeping your brain active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential for these smart drugs to give you the desired results! Nootropic Supplement

Let us take a look at how smart drugs can help improve your daily life!

To Improve Attention and Focus in Your Daily Life

Whenever we are given a task, be it educational or professional, it requires utmost focus and attention on our behalf if we want to complete it. Without proper focus and attention, it is impossible to stay on track of the given task and chances are that we may not end up finishing it, as required. Remember, both attention and focus play an important role in memory recall, as well. The more we pay attention to a given task, the easier it will be to recall and retrieve information regarding that particular task.

Smart drugs are well-known to improve focus and attention and this is one of the reasons that they are so popular amongst both professionals and students, alike. However, keep in mind that some of the smart drugs are actually used by people suffering from ADHD or ADD to help them focus and pay attention to a given task. The more focused you are, the better will be your chances to excel. Even simple things such as caffeine can be considered a type of smart drug as it increases focus and attention!

Memory Retention

We know that as we age, we tend to lose memory and our ability to recall or retrieve information gets weaker and weaker. However, this is not just an aging problem, rather a lot of young people also suffer from it. One of the main reasons is multi-tasking and not being able to give proper attention to a single task at a time. Smart drugs not only help in improving focus and attention, but they also play an important role in positively affecting our ability to recall things.

One of the most popular and well-researched smart drugs is ‘Piracetam’. It has been extensively studied for over four decades and has some amazing results. It has been used extensively in the treatment of certain memory problems such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and senile dementia.

These smart drugs are not only being used to treat medical conditions, but they are also used by students and professionals, alike, to improve their memory and we know how important memory is when you are a student and are cramming for an exam!

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Smart Drugs Protect Your Brain

The daily stresses of your life can take a toll on you, both mentally and physically. While there are ways to combat physical stress, knocking down mental stress can be tough. The more stressed out you are mentally, the more your brain wears out! Though, neuronal degeneration takes place naturally as we age, there are ways that you can delay it. Smart drugs play am important role when it comes to maintaining brain health.

They not only help in increasing the blood flow to the brain, ensuring increased delivery of oxygen and nutrients, but they are also neuro-protective. They help in repairing damaged neurons and create new synaptic connections within the brain to ensure smooth neuronal transmission. Another way the smart drugs protect your brain is that they prevent accumulation of toxins, such as lipofuscin, in the brain. Accumulation of toxins over a period of time ultimately leads to brain degeneration, so in a way smart drugs are protecting your brain from degeneration.

Smart Drugs Are Mood Enhancers

It is natural to feel a little down, every now and then. For some people, it can be a persistent problem. Smart drugs are known to enhance mood, as they alter the levels of feel-good neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin, in the brain, giving a feeling of exhilaration and joy!

Smart Drugs, if Used in Moderation, Can Help Improve the Quality of Your Life! Remember, Moderation is the Key!


Five Milkshake Recipes Perfect for Maintaining Hardcore Muscles

To feel big, you have to eat bigger; the fast rule of life. Children know it, so do bodybuilding experts. Every knowledge driven fitness freak would know that the only way to take up those calories is by filling themselves up with a wholly satisfying meal. However at the same time, they would also be aware of the fact that a rock solid protein shake would make the process for them much quicker.

That also goes with knowledge; there is a time and amount for these protein shakes and if you manage to put both the things together in the right manner, then there’s nothing in the world that can stop you from attaining your super fit, sexy and sporty body.

Take a look at what the top five athletes of the world have to say about their ideal protein shakes. They will help you in attaining your body goals as you just have to find which one is most suitable for you!

  • Dan Green’s breakfast smoothie


  • 2 spoons of Chocolate Animal Whey
  • 1 medium banana
  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter
  • 1 tablespoon cream
  • 3 quarter cup of ice
  • 3 quarter cup of water

All you have to do is place all these ingredients in the liquidizer, more commonly known as a blender, let them mix up well then indulge in these rich proteins.

This is not just any ordinary drink to satisfy your thirst, rather it makes you full to the point where it provides you with the same amount of utility that a proper meal would. The banana provides carbs and calories, which is neutralized by the peanut butter’s robust taste. The shake will also keep you full for a while before you want to pig out again and get through the day.

  • Frank McGraths pre-killer work out beverage


  • 2 spoons of Whey Protein Powder
  • half middle-sized banana
  • 1 tablespoon organic peanut butter
  • half cup ice
  • 1 cup water.

Put them all in a blender and wait for it to mix up to make the perfect drink for your body. The purpose of this shake is just to prepare you for the workout. It provides you with the exact amount of energy you need to kill at.

Many individuals cannot train efficiently and effectively on an empty stomach; their productivity levels are better when its full. However, they still prefer something more than just a full fledge meal that wouldn’t distress their body functioning. It is most preferred that this shake should be taken before you go to the gym or even before you sleep, as the banana complements the digestive system, which is extremely healthy for you.

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  • Roman Fritz’s charge up shake


  • 2 spoons of Double Chocolate Animal Whey
  • 1 cup of oats
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 2 egg whites
  • Ice cubes

The trick as always is the blending! Just pour everything in the blender and it will do what it does best. Rex believes that physically eating whole foods is always a better option than taking up protein shakes. However, he emphasizes on the fact that the ideal lifestyle doesn’t exist and in such a fast pacing world, no one really has the time to sit down for a proper meal; which is very true.

So, the instant charging determinant is the protein shake. This combination of proteins triggers the amino acids in our body since it has all the natural elements such as oats and eggs, keeping it very similar to a real meal.

  • Jason Huh’s make-it-big drink


  • 3 spoons of Vanilla Animal Whey
  • 2 tablespoons of Universal Creatine
  • 2 tablespoons of Universal Glutamine
  • 1 middle-sized apple
  • 1 middle-sized orange
  • 1 cup boiled jasmine rice
  • 3 packets of tiny assorted berries
  • 1 cup apple cider

This is the ultimate drink you should indulge in after your extensive work out. It is a delight for fruit lovers as it includes apples, oranges and even berries. Many individuals are faced with the question as to why jasmine rice is a part of it; the answer to this is that it replenishes muscle glycogen. Not all foods rich in carbs impact your body in the same way, so they are essential.

  • Dorian Hamilton’s dinner snack


  • 2 spoons of Chocolate Animal Whey
  • half middle sized avocado
  • 2 tablespoon sliced coconut
  • 1 cup almond milk

It may come to you as a surprise that this beverage includes avocado; but the fact of the matter is how avocados have a good dosage of fat and fiber. For the individual whose body does not align well with cream, almond milk is an effective alternative as it is also free of the dairy aspect.

Despite the fact that these milkshakes are good for you; they must be taken carefully.


7 food items all nutritionists are against and so should you!

Eating is a part of our daily life and while food provides us with energy and adequate vitamins and minerals, some foods however can be equally damaging for our overall health.

While there are tall claims about foods being beneficial for us in one way or the other, the sad truth is that all of them are marketing gimmicks. While it is getting awfully confusing which foods are healthy and which ones are not, the point is that basically all food items which are processed should be avoided at all costs.

With that said, there are also a few food items which we consume on regular basis without knowing the complete truth about them.
If you were to visit a nutritionist, he/she would have given you a list of 100 plus food items which are harming us in and out on daily basis. Want to know what they are?
Take a look below!

Fruit Juices

Fruit juices which are available widely in grocery shops and common supermarkets are highly unhealthy. While they are packed with real and artificial sugar, they have very less to offer in terms of vitamins and minerals. Yes, while they are good for keeping us hydrated, trust us, there is nothing more to them than this!
These fruit juices such as apple juice, orange juice or mango juice have zero or insignificant amount of real pulp, very little fiber and definitely the least amount of vitamins and minerals.
A healthy alternative is to eat fruits raw so that you can benefit from original pulp, chew fiber and gain all the vitamins and essential nutrients naturally.

Sugary Sodas

Whereas most of us are already aware of the fact that sugary drinks such as sodas, energy drinks, juices and other fizzy drinks are harmful, nonetheless we keep consuming them for the sake of fun.
While you need to put a halt to drinking these babies, you also need to stop storing them in your refrigerator.
Did you know that one can of Coca Cola is made out of 39grams of sugar? With so much sugar and other added preservatives and artificial ingredients,  you are not only harming your liver and kidneys but are also becoming prone to type 2 diabetes!
Stop drinking soda drinks and choose to drink water instead.


Margarine is widely used at homes as a breakfast go to and while it used to be regarded as being healthy once back in the day, sadly, it is the opposite.
Margarine is not only unhealthier in comparison to normal butter but since it is made up of industrial vegetable oil which is hydrogenated to keep it in its solid form, it is extremely unhealthy for daily consumption. Margarine is also a blend of other unnatural ingredients and has very little to offer in terms of vitamins, minerals, energy, etc.

Gluten Free Foods

The new notion about healthy foods is adopting ‘gluten free foods’ as they are healthier and better. Nonetheless, it is untrue.
Gluten free products are basically a blend of potato starch, tapioca starch and other forms of starch. Unlike its counterpart, the non gluten free products which have the gluten grain as the name says it, it is stated by the nutritionists that both the foods are equally harmful.

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Most Cookies, Pastries and Cakes

It is perfect to enjoy a homemade cake once in a while but it is not alright to consume bakery made cakes and pastries on daily basis. While these baked items are full of sugar, wheat flour and other unhealthy ingredients, they only promote fat!

If you suffer from obesity or need to lose weight, stop eating these baked items as they are nothing but a form of refined sugar.

Fried Potato Chips or Packed Crisps

Whole potatoes are healthy to consume in the form of a salad or a side meal but it is not healthy to consume potatoes when they are fried or processed. The fried potatoes, known as chips contain acrylamides and other carcinogenic substances which are harmful for a human body.

Moreover, the processed version of potatoes are equally harmful as they are full of trans fat, no to zero minerals and vitamins and are not nutritious.

Processed Meat Items

We all love sausages and bacon as a part of our mighty breakfast but honestly, these processed meat products are harmful for our body. If you want to consume meat, try to consume it in its natural form.
The processed meat foods are not only full of preservatives but they are high in calories and they have very little to offer in terms of energy and nutrition. They can promote heart diseases and type 2 diabetes if consumed at a higher count. Dbal

It is better to make healthy food choices on regular basis to avoid diseases completely.